This site is the home of the Dogs of War on the Stormrage server and the Dogs Underground on the Anetheron server of World of Warcraft. We pride ourselves on helping each other out!

We are seeking people who desire to be part of a friendly guild with a family type of atmosphere. We are all fun, no drama!  We are always looking for active members to be part of our raiding team. However, you don’t have to raid to be part of our guild. Guild rules and raiding requirements can be found on the Guild Rules Page .

The Dogs óf War moved from Anetheron to Stormrage on June 22 2012. The purpose of the move is to provide our members with the opportunity to experience the group content with people you know instead of the lottery of the pug groups. We have also teamed up with Dreaded Inc. All levels are welcome to either guild. We will be happy to help you with any aspect of the game.

The Dogs Underground is a leveling guild on the horde side. This is a place where our members have access to the resources of a big guild but want to experience the other side of the story. It also serves as an escape for many of us from the gear grinds of our alliance toons.

In order to use our Ventrilo server, there is some setup required. See the Ventrillo Server Information page to read the guide.

If you would like to give us a try in game you can PST to Gerrald, Valëda, Kyuni, or Nostrawarus, on Stormrage (alliance) and  Traige or Gracta  on Anetheron (horde.) Or send an e-mail directly to Wowdogsowar@gmail.com

Endless Endeavor

We have been teamed up with Dreaded Inc for almost a year. Sharing a vent, sharing materials, and getting together to run raids, dungeons, and battlegrounds. While we enjoy running with each other, neither wanted to really give up their guild. Both groups have worked hard to make it to level 25 and to build …

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Guild and Raiding Rules

In order to create an environment where everyone can have fun we have create a few rules that we require all of our guild members to follow. We are always open to comments or suggestions so please feel free to post a comment. GUILD RULES 1. Have FUN and try not to take yourself or …

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History of the Guild

The guild was founded in Jan 2009 by Cregs just after the release of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It was created originally set up as a leveling guild and during the first few months grew to over 300 members. Recruiting was often done on a one on one basis where the guild …

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Guild Roster

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How the Dogs of War Vault system works

With patch 4.0 Blizzard added a guild perk called Cash Flow. What this does is create a percentage of what you loot from a mob and adds it to the guild bank. At guild rank 5 this is 5% and at guild rank 15 it’s 10%. It adds money to the guild coffers to use …

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Mounts and Training

Dogs of War offers free mounts and training up to level 70. You must be a full member in good standing to get this perk. This does not apply to the Dogs Underground. Level 20 – Apprentice riding  5g Level 40 – Journeyman riding 60g Level 60 – Expert riding 300g Level 70 – Cold …

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