Jun 21

What’s your story?

So I asked in guild chat for stories behind your toons. If you have looked at some of the facebook posts there are stories about where we got out toon names and how we ended up in the Dogs of War.
Anetheron is not a role-playing server. If we wanted to role play we wouldn’t be here. But, some of us have come up with lore based stories about our toons and how they fit into the world of Azeroth. I’m going to get things started here by telling you a little about Valeda. Add your toon stories to the comments and maybe together we can put together our guild story.

Valeda: Originally born in Gnomeragon before the trogs took over. She studied engineering and was an apprentice working in Ironforge when Thermaplugg decided to turn the city into a toxic waste dump. She happened to be out of the city at the time but her family was not. They were turned to leper gnomes while she stayed in Ironforge with the rest of the refugees. Having no family and nothing to really stick around for, she joined Dwarven armies to fight Orcs and Trolls that were encroaching on Dwarven lands. Gnomes are not ones who usually hold grudges, and she didn’t really hold one against Thermaplugg or the orcs and trolls, but the seed of anger at the deaths of her family and friends, was sown.

Through various jobs, she eventually made her way to Northrend with some of the early expedition groups. When Arthas returned to Northrend to become the Lich King and the scourge started killing some of those expedition groups, she was one who died and was brought back as a death knight with no memory of her past. What she did retain were the skills she had developed and an underlying anger that she had no real target for. The unfocused anger and her own cunning were used to make her into one of the few gnomes that became a Knight of the Ebon Blade.

After the battle of Light’s Hope, and Arthas’ betrayal of the Knights, she was sent back to the Alliance and left to find her place in the world again. Now, being a trained mercenary, and a skilled engineer, she was recruited into a for-hire mercenary group called the Dogs of War. The Dogs of War was slowly torn apart after the disappearance of their leader, through infighting and being killed in various battles in the Outlands because they had no real cohesion or training as a group. The few who remained decided to head to Northrend to see if they could make some gold by joining the Argent Crusade. The Knights were reforming there with Arthas’ death as their main goal and this fit in with Valeda’s wish for revenge. It also held the link to her past.

When they landed in Borean Tundra, Valeda discovered the Gnomes at Fizzcrank Airstrip and learned that many of those working there knew her from before. Not only that, she learned that they had destroyed one of the scourge necropoloses that floated over Northrend that had attacked several of the expeditions and killed her. The details fueled the fire of revenge and she made it her personal goal to kill Arthas. When the Argent Tournament was formed, she naturally went in hopes of being one of those selected for the final assault on Icecrown Citadel. Unfortunately the tournament and the Argent Crusade rejected her.

Determined to make her way into the Citadel she decided to take another route through the Knights. That route led her, and the Dogs of War, which had now picked up a few recruits, into Icecrown Citadel where many of the champions of the tournament were killed. When the final assault came, there were more than just the tournament chamipons in that army. Again, being the genious that she is, while the armies were occupied with the lesser underlings she and a select few of her friends made their way to the top of the Citadel and found themselves facing Arthas. Their initial attack was repelled and they were forced out.  But they now knew the secret routes through and were able to make their way back and finally kill Arthas.

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