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Raid? What’s that?

If you have played this game longer than a month you know what a raid is. That’s not what this post is… It’s the quick and dirty guide to what raids are where and the requirements to get into them. So when we say we are raiding Sunwell Plateau, you know where to go and have an idea of what it is.

Classic or Vanilla Raids

Requirement: Level 60

Ruins of Ahn Quiraj: Found in Silithis, Kalimdor to the Southeast of the summoning stone. 10m

Temple of Ahn Quiraj: Found in Silithis , Kalimdor to the Southwest of the summoning stone. 40m

Molten Core: Found in Blackrock Mountain, Easter Kingdoms Actual entrance is inside Blackrock depths dungeon unless attuned. 40m

Blackwing Lair: Found in Blackrock Mountain, Eastern Kingdoms Actual entrance is in the Upper Blackrock spire dungeon unless attuned. 40m

The attunement requirements may have been removed with one of the latest patches.

Burning Crusade Raids

Requrement: Level 70

Karazhan: Deadwind pass, Eastern Kingdoms This is the entrance raid for Burning Crusade 10m

Caverns of Time-Battle for Mount Hyjal: Caverns of Time in Tanaris., Kalimdor The first corridor on your right after riding down the main entrance. 25m

Helfire Citadel-Magtheridon’s Lair: Hellfire Peninsula, Outlands At the bottom of the Hellfire citadel structure. Enter on the north side in the middle. 25m

Gruul’s Lair: Blade’s Edge Mountains, Outlands 25m

Serpentshrine Cavern: Zangarmarsh, Outlands. It’s the big waterfall in the middle when you finish swimming down there. 25m

Tempest Keep: Netherstorm, Outlands The large floating structure in the center of the others. 25m

Black Temple: Shadowmoon Valley, Outlands 25m

Sunwell Plateau: Isle of Quel Danas, Eastern Kingdoms. It’s the big structure in the center of the Island 25m

Wrath Raids

Requirement: Level 80

With the Wrath of the Lich King expansion raids now come in 4 flavors. 10m or 25m and Regular or Heroic. With the Cataclysm expansion, guild achievements are only earned if you complete these on Heroic difficulty.

Naxxramas: Dragonblight, Northrend This is the entrance raid for Northrend. It was moved from the Eastern Plagelands and changed from lvl 60 to lvl80 when the Wrath expansion came out.

Onyxia’s Lair: Dustwallow Marsh, Kalimdor. This raid was changed from lvl 60 to lvl 80 as well.

Nexus-Eye of Eternity: Coldarra, Northrend It’s the topmost entrance of the Nexus complex

Vault of Archavon: Wintergrasp, Northrend. Your faction must control Wintergrasp to enter

Trial of the Crusader: Icecrown, Northrend. It’s the entrance on the East side of the colliseum

Obsidian Sanctum: Dragonblight, Northrend. Found under Wyrmrest temple It’s the one with big rotating rune circle around the door

Ruby Sanctum: Dragonblight, Northrend. Found under Wyrmrest temple. The one with the broken rune circle

Ulduar: Storm Peaks, Northrend. Top center entrance of the Ulduar complex

Icecrown Citadel: Icecrown, Northrend. The really big thing at the South end of Icecrown. If you miss this you are blind.

Cataclysm Raids

Requirement: Level 80 and gear item level of 341

Baradin Hold: Tol Barad, Eastern Kingdoms. Your faction must control Tol Barad to enter

Throne of the Four Winds: Uldum, Kalimdor Another structure floating in the air near the Vortex Pinnacle entrance.

Bastion of Twilight: Twilight Highlands, Eastern Kingdoms. It’s floating at the top of the world; just keep going up.

Blackwing Descent: Blackrock Mountain, Eastern Kingdoms. As if we didn’t have enough stuff in Blackrock mountain they had to add another. It’s actually starts at the end of Blackwing Lair. Enter on the East side of the mountain.

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