Oct 20

Carcaridondk’s Story. Chapter 1

The story of Carcaridondk:

Born in Ironforge and trained by the greatest weapon masters the world has ever known in the art of combat.  Training filled his days while his nights were filled with learning the noble art of the Master Armor smith. Magni Brozebeard took a liking to this new Armor smith and the masterwork he wrought.

One day, the call came from Lordaeron for people to head to Northrend to help Arthas. King Magni chose Carcaridon to go to provide some of the best armor for the Prince. Carcaridon took up the honor and packed his anvil along with some of the rarest ores Ironforge miners had ever found.

Carcaridon left Ironforge with a small caravan led by a brave Dwarf Warrior, Balidur.  The trip to Loredoron was long and filled with danger.  Many times they were forced to protect themselves from mobs of animals and Horde members….

One night, while traveling through the Wetlands, Carcaridon was passing the time of his watch fiddling with a chunk of iron ore he had picked up.  All of a sudden the night sky lit up and a streak of light fell into the forest.  The sound of the impact woke everyone in the camp.  People were running out of their tents putting on armor and yelling, fearing an attack.  Carcaridon’s voice carried out as he yelled for silence.

“What happened,” asked Blizik, a gnome priest.

“Light filled the sky and a piece of it fell into the forest,” Carcaridon replied.

“Jielk, Valik, Miek, Billis, Nijok and Blizik, go with Carcaridon and find out what it was,” Balidur shouted, pointing at five warriors and the gnome Priest.

They traveled into the forest headed in the direction Carcaridon thought the light fell at.  All around them, the forest was alive with animals running in fright.  After walking for an hour, they finally came to the beginning of a crater.

“Would you all hold the lanterns up higher,” Carcaridon asked the five warriors and the priest.  As they raised the lanterns up, they all gasped.  For in front of them was a crater easily 100 feet in diameter.  Trees were knocked down flat and boulders were scattered all over cracked and destroyed.

“Never in my life have I seen such a thing,” Jielk whispers.

“Not even a gnomish invention blowing up could cause this much destruction,” Blizik says.

“What is that,” Carcaridon asked pointing to the center of the crater where something glowing could be seen.

“I don’t know,” Valik replies.  “But we better go down there and see what it is.  I don’t want to go back to Balidur without some information.”

Very slowly, they start climbing down into the crater.  Before they know it, they finally approach the glowing mass in the center of the crater.  Carcaridon pulls a pair of gloves out of his bag and puts them on.  Very carefully, he touches the glowing mass.

“Its cool to the touch, but it glows as if its red hot,” Carcaridon exclaims.

“It looks like some type of Bronze ore,” Nijok says.

Carcaridon then pulls out a hammer and a chisel.  “Be careful,” Billis says.

“I will,” Carcairdon replies.  He then sets the chisel against the glowing orb and strikes it with the hammer.  A loud hollow ring is heard, and then the glowing orb breaks open in half.  Out of one of the halves, a small black orb rolls out and comes to a rest at Carcaridons’ feet.  Carefully he bends down and picks it up.

“It weighs no more than a copper coin would” Carcaridon says, surprise showing in his voice.

“Good, put it into your bag and let’s go,” Nijok says.

A few hours of climbing and walking through the forest finds them back at the caravan safe and sound.  Carcaridon goes to Balidur and tells him what they found.

“What is it,” Balidur asks, looking closely at the black orb.

“I have no idea.  Never in all my years of working the ore have I seen something that looks like this.  I believe it is similar to Titanium ore, but I can’t be sure.  I’m going to leave it with you since you’ll be heading back to Ironforge after we arrive in Lordaeron.  I don’t have the tools here to find what it is and I’ll be heading to Northrend with Prince Arthas as soon as we arrive,” Carcaridon says.

“Very well, then, I will take it to the Master smiths in Ironforge.  Maybe they will be able to discover what it is or where it came from,” Balidur says.

The following morning, they continued their journey to Lordaeorn.  The days were beautiful and the nights were quiet as they traveled into the Arathi Highlands.  All over they could see the signs from the many skirmishes the Alliance and Horde have had over the many years for control of the many recourses the Arathi Highlands can provide.  Many times they had to travel miles out of the way to skirt these skirmishes.  The warriors in the caravan kept looking at these skirmishes in the distance with a look of longing in their eyes.

“Don’t worry boys,” Balidur says, “We’ll be back through here and we’ll help our Alliance brothers take some of those good resources.”

Finally after many long, hard days and nights of traveling, the caravan sees the great white walls of Lordaeron.  Finally the first leg of Carcaridon’s journey was coming to an end.  He’d finally get to meet the beloved Prince Arthas and hopefully impress him with great armor.

The caravan entered through the gates of Lordaeron amid a large press of people.  Everyone was polite to them.  One of the guards at the gate directed the caravan to the castle.  Carcaridon looked around at the wonders of the great capital city.

“I could live my whole life here and never discover all the wonders of this beautiful city,” Carcaridon exclaims.

“Aye, you’d be hard pressed to find all the wonders of the city,” Balidur replies.  “It is indeed a beautiful city and holds its place in all of the Alliance members’ hearts.  Just keep your eye out for the Prince.  You’ll see him walking around the city talking to anyone he can.  He tries to help everyone.  That’s why he’s so beloved by so many people.”

After a while, they finally come to the castle gate.  The captain of the guard steps forward and says in a loud booming voice, “Welcome to Lordaeron.  I hope your journey from Ironforge was safe and without any dangers.  The Prince will see to you shortly.  Please go inside to bathe and relax until it is time for your audience with the Prince.  Open the gates!”

Without any noise the huge gates open.

The caravan goes into the busy center courtyard and stop before the stables.  Boys no more than eight or nine years old run out and gather the horses and rams the caravan used for transportation.

“They will be well taken care of,” Balidur says.  “Last time I was here, we came in with three injured rams and before we left, they were all healthy and fat.”  He then led the caravan towards the castle without a glance back.  Carcaridon hurried up to catch up to him.

“How safe is the city,” Carcaridon asks.

“As safe as Ironforge,” Balidur replies.  “You’ve got nothing to worry about while you are in these walls.  You should focus on the next leg of your journey.  I’d be more worried about what awaits you in the north.”

As they enter the castle, six servants appear out of nowhere.  One of them, a small girl probably no older than ten, goes to Carcaridon and says, “Follow me, Master Dwarf.  I am Aielna and I will be taking care of you until you leave with the Prince to Northrend.”

With a small smile on his lips, he follows the young servant girl to his room.  Once they arrive in the room, Aielna shows him around and starts unpacking his bags.

“The bath is that way, sir,” Aielna says pointing to a side door, while pulling out a clean linen shirt.  Carcaridon goes through the door and finds a tub big enough to fit at least three of the Dwarven rams into it with room to spare!  The water was steaming and inviting.  Carcaridon wastes no time in getting in and riding himself of three months worth of dirt, grime and other worries from traveling so far.  Once he was cleaned and his beard trimmed, Carcaridon joined the others in the entrance hall.

“You look a sight better,” Baldiur says.

“Aye, I never thought a bath would feel so good,” Carcaridon replied.  The rest of the group burst out in laughter at the conversation.  As they’re all wiping tears from their eyes from the mirth, an older servant appears and says, “The Prince is now ready to see you, travelers.  Please come this way.”

The group follows the servant into a grand ballroom where a small table was overburdened with food.  Everyone could hear the echoes off the walls from their bellies.

“I can tell you all are hungry,” a booming voice calls out from an alcove.  “Please, sit and eat and worry not about me.”

The party digs in with no further prompting.  Carcaridon looks to where the voice called out and sees a tall muscled young man with blonde hair and pale blue eyes.

“Is that Prince Arthas,” Carcaridon whispers to Balidur.

“Yes, that is the Prince,” Balidur replied.

“He is but a lad,” Carcaridon says.

“Nay, boy, he is no lad.  That man has been blessed by the Light and fights with an abandon any dwarf would be proud of,” Balidur says.

“But he’s so informal.  Almost like our King,” Carcaridon states.

“Aye.  He understood we’d be hungry after a long journey and prepared all this for us,” Balidur replied.  After a bit, the group had eaten their fill and settled down in the chairs with full bellies.

The Prince came out of the alcove and joined the group.  Everyone stood up as the Prince came closer.

“Don’t get up.  Please sit and I’ll do the talking for now,” Arthas says with a slight smile on his face.  The group sat back in their chairs and waited for the Prince to begin speaking.

“What I will be telling you will allow you to understand Lorederon’s call for people to go to Northrend.  It has come to our knowledge that the person leading the undead army is called the Lich King.  He is in Northrend.  I intend to strike him down there before the entire world is overrun by his minions.  I hope to stop this war at the source,” Arthas began.  “I want to make sure that what happened at Stratholm never happens again.  The horror of loved ones being turned against each other is something I never want to see again.”

Carcaridon got up and kneeled at the Princes’ feet.  “I am Carcaridon, a master Armorsmith, my Lord.  I will serve you however I can, my Lord.  I may not be a great fighter, but mine King believed I could serve you with my Armorsmithing.  I will do my best and I hope to make you proud,” Carcaridon says.

“I’m sure you will, brave Dwarf.  I’m sure your armorsmithing will come in handy in the harsh cold of Northrend.  We will need armor to protect ourselves against the Undead Legions,” Arthas replied.  “Rest for a few days, Carcaridon.  Then we will start the long journey to Northrend”

Carcaridon spent the next few days exploring the city.  Taking in some of its wonders.  He was amazed at how well the many people there got along with each other.  He never once saw any type of fight break out.  Even in the bars.  The city seemed to be full of mirth day in and day out.  He spent time visiting some of the master Armorsmiths within the city.  What he found out was amazing.  Some of these armor smiths were able to make armor to rival armor made by Ironforges’ best Armor smiths!  He spent time talking to some of these human smiths trying to learn some of their secrets.  They were glad he took an interest in their armor, but would not divulge their secrets.  One day, while walking around the city, he noticed Balidur leading the caravan through the streets.

“Leaving without saying goodbye, Balidur,” Carcaridon asks.

“Never, mine good friend.  We came to find you to let you know we were leaving,” Balidur replies.  “We need to head out back to Ironforge before winter sets in.  Otherwise the passes will close and we’d be stuck here for a while”

“That’s not so bad, is it,” Billis asks.

“Only if you wish to be living off our hosts.  We’ve got no jobs here we’d be able to do other than fighting.  And right now they need warriors for Northrend and this is one Dwarf that longs for home,” Balidur replies.

“Well, safe journey to you and be sure to get that ore looked at when you get to Ironforge.  Also, be sure to tell our king I’m grateful for the chance to honor our race by helping the Prince in Northrend,” Carcaridon says.  The others in the group step forward to say their goodbyes to Carcaridon.  As Balidur steps forward, Carcaridon hands him a letter.

“Give this to my father.  Maybe he’ll find peace knowing his son is trying to better himself and his race,” Carcaridon says.

“I will,” Balidur replies, “And take care of yourself in Northrend.  Bring honor to your kin and hearth!”

As Carcaridon watches the caravan leaves the city, his mind drifts back to the last time he talked to his father.  It was the night before Carcaridon left Ironforge with the caravan.  He was busy with packing things he thought he’d need when his father burst into his room unannounced.

“We need to talk, son” Baldiur says sternly.

“Very well, father.  But understand my mind is made up.  I am going to travel to Northrend to help out Prince Arthas.  I will not sully our kings’ name by backing out of this after I signed my name to the paper” Carcaridon replies.

“You must think, son!  You must realize how many people have died in this war against the undead.  You must realize you may lose your life!”

“I understand it all too well, father.  I’ve seen my friends go to war and never come back.  If an armor I create can save a life in Northrend, then so be it!”

“If you do this, son, you do this without my blessing.  You do this on your own and if you come back, you will never be part of this family ever again!”

“Very well, father.  I will make my own mark and my own way in the world,” Carcaridon shouts.  At hearing this, Baldiur storms out of the room.

Thinking back on this, Carcaridon wonders if his letter will bring his father peace of mind.

’I hope it eases his pain,’ Carcaridon thinks to himself as he heads back to the castle.  ‘I hope I may see my father again someday and he may be proud of me.’

As Carcaridon enters the castle, Aielna is standing in the entryway.

“Carcaridon, Prince Arthas has asked for you to pack up your things.  The ship is ready to head to Northrend and you will be leaving with the morning tide”

“Thank you, Aielna.  And thank you for taking good care of me.  May you have a long and fruitful life,” Carcaridon replies with a smile.  He immediately heads to his room and starts packing all his clothes.  Once done, he lifted his pack and headed to the barn.

“What do you need, Master Dwarf,” one of the stable hands asks him.

“I came for my supplies I brought with me from Ironforge,” he replies.

“Those are already on the ship, sir.  If you’d like, I can show you to the ship.”

“I’d like that,” Carcaridon replies.

“One moment and I’ll lead you there,” the stable hand says.  He turns to one of the other stable hands and tells him what he is doing.  Then he leads Carcaridon through the city to the docks.

“That’s the ship there,” the stable hand says, pointing at a huge ship with Alliance colors flying.  “It’s the Alliance Stand.  She is a good ship and will get you to Northrend safely.”

“Thank you for your help.  I’m sure I’ll be settled in for the night here so I am ready for the voyage come morning,” Carcaridon says, looking over the ship in awe.  Carcaridon then boards the ship trying to stay out of the way of deck hands as they’re scrambling around getting the ship ready.

“Oi!  You there!  Watch where you’re going you great oaf,” a gruff voice shouts.  Carcaridon looks to where the voice came from.  He sees a gnome with bubble-gum pink hair standing by the helm.

“Who are you,” Carcaridon asks.

“I’m Nikrig.  The captain of this ship.  You can address me as Captain,” the small gnome replies.  “Who are you?”

“I’m Carcaridon.  I’m the armor smith traveling to Northrend to provide armor to Prince Arthas and his troops.”

“That’s fine.  Get your butt below decks and get out of our way!”

Carcaridon rushes to get below decks out of the way of everyone.  As soon as he is below decks, he asks a passing sailor where his room is.

“That way,” the sailor replies pointing back the way he came.  Carcaridon walks the way he was pointed and finds not a room for him.  Just a bunch of hammocks hanging at various points.  He sees one hammock with the Dwarven symbol of Ironforge sewed into the lining.  ’Must be my bunk’ Carcaridon mutters to himself.  He goes over and gets himself situated in the odd contraption.  Once settled, he finds himself slowly drifting off.  Instead of fighting it, he lets sleep overtake him and he falls into a deep slumber.


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