Jan 28

Dogs Underground Ranks and Vault

Dogs Underground Ranks                                 Vault Access/Pulls per day/Repair

Wolves                                                                      Full access
Hounds                                                                Tabs 2-5 / 20 / 100g
Pups                                                                      None / 0 / 2g

The Underground ranks are modified from the Dogs of War ranks because it is a small guild of trusted members.

Pups: Trial rank for new members. If you are new to the Underground guild and do not have a DOW toon, you will be in this rank for 2 weeks. If you are an active member for 2 weeks and can follow guild rules you will be automatically moved into the Hounds rank.

Hounds: Members in good standing.

Wolves: The banker and the guild master’s alts. An authenticator is required for this rank.

The Vault:

To keep things somewhat organized, tab 1 is for deposit only. The banker and the guild master are the only people who can pull from this tab. If you put something there that you need to get out immediately, please let Taougua (Valeda/Kyuni), Traige, or Mangronel know. We will get it for you. If we are not online send an e-mail to valedadk@gmail.com. 
The number of pulls from the vault is much higher than in DoW because we share most of our mats with each other to level professions. Please feel free to use what you need. Guild repairs amounts are higher as well because, again we trust you to be judicious in your use. if there isn’t any money in the vault, there is no money for repairs.

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