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History of the Guild

The guild was founded in Jan 2009 by Cregs just after the release of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It was created originally set up as a leveling guild and during the first few months grew to over 300 members. Recruiting was often done on a one on one basis where the guild members found a lot of us who were new to the game and needed help. That basic concept has been our foundation.

Car recalls that he was level 35 on his first hunter and still walking around without a mount and without a guild. Cregs saw this and gave him the gold and put him into Dogs.

Kyuni was new to the game, level 20-ish and wasn’t sure about the whole guild concept. She was recruited into one guild that fell apart after only a few weeks. Guildless and wandering Stormwind, wondering how to get into a dungeon, Sins and Joella found her, put her in the dogs and immediately helped her get through the Stockades by completely trashing the place.  Soon after she met Drunelf, Denzel, and Balat and spent some time questing with them. After attending the first guild meeting in the inn in Goldshire where everyone had a say in how the guild was run, she decided it was a good place to stay.

Back then you had to have a guild to get through the dungeons. We spent a lot of time forming groups that would spend hours going through one. We didn’t really understand what tanking or dps roles were. We did know what the healer was supposed to do. The first real dungeon Kyuni had as a healer came when she grouped up with Balat, Denzel, and some crazy, coffee loving, guy named Nostrawarus who made us wait several times to refill his pot. I can’t for the life of me remember who was “tanking”. Balat and Denzel shared pulling responsibility with the tank.

We tried Razorfen Kraul at level 30 and never made it past the first trash mobs. We tried Zul Farrak around the same time and barely made it through. Once we hit level 55 and got our death knights, Cregs, Carcaridon, Diira, Valeda, and Denzel spent 4 hours going through Blackrock Depths as 4 death knights and one warlock. We had no healer and ran back from the graveyard after what seemed like every pull. We were determined to make it through the stupid thing and we had fun as a group.

In the spring, can’t remember exactly when, Cregs vanished. The guild leaders at the time had no idea what happened we just knew that we were leaderless and had no idea when or if Cregs would come back. Several left because of the infighting among the officers and lack of direction. It was eventually decided that someone would spend time talking with Blizzard to see if we could get the guild transferred to a new person. Two groups formed; one who supported Carcaridon as a guild leader and the other supported Joella. Joella was our paladin tank at the time.

About July-August of 2009 we had a vote and Carcaridon won by a small margin. Those who supported Joella left to build the guild Divine Intervention. Carcaridon spent a lot of time on the phone convincing Blizzard to turn the guild leadership over to him. By this time many of us were high enough level to start working on the raids. Car wanted to turn Dogs into a strict raiding guild. He was new to the raid leader role and guild leader role so it didn’t work out as he had hoped. Most of the membership vanished over the course of the next few months.

By November of 2009 Car realized that he needed more experience and needed to get it elsewhere. He started talking about leaving the guild to someone. Those of us who were left started talking about who might be the best person. We really enjoyed playing together and didn’t want to see the guild disbanded. At the time active members consisted of Car, Angel, Balat, Denzel, Kyuni, Nostrawarus, and a couple others I can’t remember. By January the guild had basically decided it would be either Nostrawarus or Kyuni. At the decision meeting, Kyuni missed a lot of the conversation because she didn’t have the raid chat channel turned on, which was where most of the communication was taking place. She didn’t make much of a case for herself. We had used the in-game voice chat a couple of times but it was hard to deal with so we stuck to typing. The end vote resulted in Nostrawarus becoming the new GM, to the sound of Balat screaming, NOOOOOOO! Carcaridon transferred to Stormwind Mafia.

What Balat didn’t realize was that during the weeks before Car left, Nost and Kyuni decided that no matter who became the new GM we would run the guild together. After Car left the two of them camped out on the Hellfire ramparts and hammered out the framework for the new guild. We spent the months of February and March of 2010 talking to a lot of current and former guild leaders to find what worked and what didn’t for them. We have to say thanks to Aqua from Gods of Chaos for her advice. Over the course of those months we developed the current model for the guild. We also found Drunelf again sitting in Stormwind, penniless and haggard. (He had been hacked and kicked from his guild.) True to the Dogs creed, we helped him get back on his feet and he agreed to come back and help us build the guild. Nost rented out a Ventrillo server and put up a website on one of his personal servers. Kyuni helped him build the content of the site and we started recruiting. During that time, Valeda took over Kyuni’s place as her main toon.

Valeda’s husband, Octavianus, had been running with another guild called Face of Bear, which he pulled Kyuni into every once in a while to heal a dungeon or raid. He transferred to Benevolens Dolens when Face of Bear’s guild leader, Dynamo, disappeared. They were a very small group of raiders that were looking for the resources of a larger guild. Dogs had the resources and the desire to raid but not the people or the experience. Negotiations of a guild merger began between Mightyfitz. Elineiaa, Octavianus, Nostrawarus, and Kyuni. At the end of July in 2010, Benevolens Dolens merged with the Dogs of War. The ICC raid had just been released and we were determined to get the group through it.

What we set up was a triumverate of sorts between Nostrawarus, Valeda and Mightyfitz. Nost and Val were still guild leaders with Mightyfitz as the raid coordinator, Elineaa would be the raid leader and we gained enough people to form a raid group that was consistent. Or at least that was the theory. During that time we gained some good friends including Hacu, Pandorra, Navaeslight, Danger, Sylvainus, Pele, Mythion, Skyann, Swingblade, Binu, Talarious, Holyonez, and Kaayla.

Nost and Val spent a lot of time between August through Novermber of 2010 trying to teach people to raid, finding pugs to fill in holes when people didn’t show up, keep our officers doing their jobs, and deal with one person named Kerwindris who seemed to create drama and contention for the fun of it. We would take anyone and everyone to our raids and into our guild with only two real rules. Don’t steal from the vault, and don’t cuss around Balat.

That raid group took us to the start of Cataclysm where we were able to complete all the Wrath raiding content except Arthas, the final boss of Wrath of the Lich King. After months of fighting about who was in charge of what and having to step in to do things that people failed to do, the concept finally came apart. Just after the release of Cataclysm, and yet another of Kerwindris’ tantrums, she, Mighty, and Elli left the guild and took several with them.

When Mighty and Eli left, Nost and Val asked Drunelf and Octavianus to take over as our raid leaders. They agreed but by the end of Wrath and with the leveling needed for Cataclysm, they got frustrated with trying to find people to run a raid with and eventually gave up. When the Cataclysm hit, it decimated the Dogs as much as it had destroyed Azeroth. We began Cataclysm rushing to get to the raiding as soon as we could and determined to build the guild yet again.

Just after Cataclysm, Valeda found Cregs again by a stroke of luck and found out what had happened to him. He had been in a bad motorcycle crash that put him in the hospital for months. As she had been working through the Wrath content she met another raid leader. Shailara, from Children of the Beast who helped her get some raid groups going.

We found Peter near the end of Wrath from the Fellowship of the Ring who brought a few in to raid with us, and we still had friends in Gods of Chaos who we could call. Val eventually talked Cregs into coming back. Oct talked Dynamo into joining us, and Carcaridondk came back after his guild transferred realms. Many of those who had left with Mighty came back.and Cregs started a facebook group where we keep in touch with everyone.

With things looking up again, we also decided to give the Horde side a go. With a friend from work, Traige (Korvinious), and many of the Dogs members, Val started the Dogs Underground, which is still on the Anetheron Server, but is not an active guild.

During Cataclysm we had several major challenges. Blizzard introduced the dungeon finder near the end of Wrath as a start to Cataclysm. It was good for those who didn’t have groups to go with and made it easier to get the gear needed to get to the raid content. Problem with the dungeon finder is you no longer need a guild to work through them. You still needed a guild to do the raids or had to go with other guilds. Now members were spending more time on their own and in pugs with bad players than interacting with their guild mates.

The next challenge was the Anetheron realm was slowly dying. With the transfer of Stormwind Mafia and a few of the other large guilds, the Alliance side saw a population decrease that made it more and more difficult to find quality people to raid with, let alone, recruit. Most of those who were max level were already settled in a guild and didn’t want to leave.

Affecting the Dogs directly, Nost started working on an MBA. So his game time was limited. Valeda began running the guild on a day to day basis without the GM title keeping Nost informed of what was going on so that he was involved in major decisions. This didn’t sit well with many members of the guild and made getting some things done difficult.

Because of the changes in the game, the challenge was gone and the social aspect was diluted. The RealID has been a saving grace for the social aspect. Putting up with bad players in the dungeon finder, the loss of the guild based raiding experience, and the lack of challenge a lot of people quit playing altogether. With the introduction of the raid finder, there is really no reason to stay in a guild, except for the perks that came with the guild levels. What has really kept the Dogs together is the Facebook group and RealID. Raiding was spotty with Octavianus, Carcardondk, Cregulator, and Valeda leading the groups.

We often couldn’t find people to raid with because Anetheron was dead and many of our friends were transferring over to the Stormrage server. Kyuni saw that the guild couldn’t progress because we had so few members. The members themselves couldn’t progress because they couldn’t get into the raids. Raid finder was introduced that got us into some of it and allowed us to learn the fights. But we couldn’t get the good gear because we didn’t have a guild to run the raids outside of the raid finder. The two or three of us who were online and able to raid had to find pugs to go with.

It took some time to convince Nost that a move was our best option. Many of our members and leaders had already moved to Stormrage. At the end of June 2012, the guild made the jump to Stormrage and the Guild Master title was passed to Kyuni.

With the increase in population we were able to recruit a few people and put together regular raiding groups. Over the course of Cataclysm we had been able to complete the guild achievements for all but the 40man raids of Vanilla, Burning Crusade, and Wrath of the Lich King. With the transfer, the addition of a few more people, and Car’s raiding leadership, we were able to get the guild achievement for Dragon Soul.

The guild has been through a lot since its inception, but the heart of the guild is still strong. The idea of getting online to spend time with friends and go kill a raid boss or two is the reason we keep playing. We currently have a solid group of players who have been with the game for a long time. We have also teamed up with some new friends who run a guild called Dreaded Inc. Whether you’re a part of Dogs or Dreaded, we all run together and hang out in vent.

We’re no longer raiding the current stuff. Though we do put a group together now and then to help our members get achievements. We are often found blazing through the older content with less than 10 of us. We have a good time trying to figure out how to accomplish some of the achievements when we don’t have the usual resources.  We have returned to our leveling roots  in Warcraft. We have also branched out into games including Diablo 3, Starcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Minecraft, and League of Legends. Through our Facebook group and travels in real life we are getting to know each other outside of Warcraft. The names and games may change but we’re still the same people always looking to bring in new friends.

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