Dec 03

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How Valor Upgrades Saved MoP Raiding

Patch 5.1 dropped with the feature of upgrading your gear using justice points (IL 463 required) or your epic RF gear using your valor points.  This feature also includes Honor and Conquest gear.

Why is the ability to spend valor so important?

Dailies have been rewarding Valor points since Mists dropped.  The LFR system allowed people to raid at the casual level to where they might say to themselves, “I don’t need to add another 5 IL’s to my gear since I’m only doing LFR.”  Whereas a hardcore progression raider will look at the upgrades as a way to help themselves out when raiding normal 10 or 25 man’s.  This also increases the importance of doing dailies and capping on Valor every week.  And makes dailies feel less “grindy.”  It may take you 6 weeks to upgrade every piece of gear you have on you, but that gear might be better for you if you’re not exalted with all the factions in Mists.  Plus with all the options you have to cap Valor, you can skip dailies for a day or something.


How will the Valor upgrade system affect entry into future teirs?

As long as Blizzard has factored in the Valor point upgrades, there shouldn’t be a problem.  Otherwise we’ll see an IL jump like in TOGC25H.  Where 25 heroic gear was 15 IL’s higher than 25 normal.

Would a spectator mode in Wow make it easier for people to hack, cheat or exploit?

This is an easy problem to solve and we’ve seen it done in League of Legends.  They have a spectator mode.  Only difference is there is a 3 minute delay between what the spectator sees and what is actually happening.  So someone really can’t tell their friends where the other team is or something.  It is possible for Blizzard to add this and I would love to see it for BG’s or even raids.

Why isn’t there PVP dailies and should there be?

It is tough to make PVP dailies.  You can’t make it to where you kill X amount of class or race ’cause then those people would just avoid bg’s during those dailies There should be a way for pvpers to make extra gold.  Blizzard should add a bag of gold for winning a random BG or something.  This is just something that is really hard to create to make it useful for PVPers.

With Blizzard adding IL 476 gear drops to scenarios, will it make it appealing to raiders?

Unless the drops are common, it really doesn’t help raiders.  Scenarios are kinda in a weird spot.  Blizzard should make the rewards different from running heroics.  In scenarios you can get IL 453 gear and in heroics, you can get 463 gear.  So heroics are more appealing to people than scenarios.

Do you think we will see rings, neck and weapons in a future patch or expansion with sockets?

The weird thing about this is these items when socketed end up being your BIS for a long time.  If blizzard is able to make the stats manageable, then this would be a good thing to see.

Do you think Server mergers would be better than Cross realm zones?

Cross realm zones (CRZs) was a great idea that has a shaky implementation.  Blizzard has had many issues with CRZ’s that they are still trying to iron out.  Server mergers really don’t fix dead low level zones.  CRZ’s were implemented to fix this issue so you could quest with same level people around you and group up.  It just isn’t quite to the point Blizzard had planned for it at this time.

How do you gear offspec in 10 man raiding?

Look at the main job you gave the person when you started the raid.  Then allow that person to only roll on the gear that they can use for that spec.  Granted this may cause some irritations, but in the long run it is easier than letting that person not get gear.



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