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How can I use World of Logs to become a better player?

World of Logs has many options for you to use to become a better player.  One way is to look at spell usage, up-times and damage to get an idea of how other players do things.  Then from there, you can look up their armory to see what differences there are between your gear and that persons.  This may only give you an idea, but it is a start to trying to become a better player.

What recommendations do you have for appointing a new raid leader due to a RL situation?

Step 1 would be knowing of the situation ahead of time.  From there you need to find someone on your raid team who is outspoken in vent.  Someone who is constantly suggesting things or even encouraging the raid group.  From there, you talk to your guild to see who is willing to step up into the role of raid leading.  Once you’ve narrowed it down to 1 or 2 people, run a few raids with them leading with you as a backup.  This way you can give suggestions to help and allow everyone else to get used to the person as a raid leader.

Do you think there should be more ways to earn Lesser Charms?

I think that Blizzard gave enough ways to earn Lesser charms with the amount of dailies there are.  However, I think that if Blizzard attached Lesser Charms to Scenarios or to the first random instance you do of the day, it’d be a good option.

What do you think Titan will be?

Titan will not be an existing MMO (WoW, Starcraft, Diablo).  It is a completely different MMO franchise.  I do not think it will be an MMO that will top WoW.  However, I do think that eventually we will see a MMO that tops WoW.  It may be many years down the road however.

Does having content on the PTR ruin the “new” feeling?

To a degree it does and to a degree it doesn’t.  The information on boss fights will still be out there from people who are clearing the content faster than you are.  Plus, even if you look a fight guide up online, it may be completely different than how you end up clearing the boss.

Why isn’t there more ways to earn gear in Mists?

Are we playing the same WoW?  There are plenty of ways other than raids to earn gear.  Scenarios, daily quests, instances and LFR.  If all you’re doing is logging on to raid, you are not doing everything you can to prepare yourself for said raid.  There is a lot of things for you to do to get gear outside of raiding.  You just have to look.

How does the Valor Point upgrade system affect gearing up off specs?

This is definately an issue.  Your OS gear won’t be as great as your main spec gear, but it will be fairly close.  My question is how this will become an issue when tier 15 drops.  Maybe Blizzard will make it to where you can’t do VP upgrades in tier 15 until tier 16 drops.  This would allow you time to get the gear in tier 15 for your OS.  Who knows.

Why don’t all the changes make it into the Patch notes?

I don’t think Blizzard purposely with-holds information from the patch notes.  What you have to understand is, the development team doesn’t make the patch notes.  All they do is give the data to the Community team who has to sit down and translate it into a language us computer illiterate people can understand.  When the community team gets a long list, there’s a chance of something being missed.


Weekly Marmot: Is LFR dropping enough loot?

There are a lot of LFR people who feel this is an issue.  On a broad scale, there is enough loot dropping.  However if you look at a individual scale, its low.  In LFR you have a 20% chance of getting a piece of gear.  In a normal or heroic raid, you are always seeing loot drop 100% of the time and seeing it go out to raid members.  Even if you don’t win a piece of gear, you know the next time you’re in the raid, your chance has increased by 1 or 2.  The question boils down to this: How does Blizzard give rewards on an individual basis in LFR?  Do they boost the % of drops?  Yes, this is a short term fix, but in the long run it doesn’t help.  If Blizzard does this, people will gear up faster in LFR and then there’d be less and less people running LFR ’cause they have the gear.  It’s all about the “we” in normal and heroic raids.  You get the feeling of accomplishment in regular raids.  In LFR, there is no “we.”  It is about weather you get that 20% chance this time or not.


Legendary: Lesser charms

Method did an interview with Ion Hazzikostas about Lesser charms.

Ion- Right now I think that the intent is to keep lesser charms associated with dailies.  You can pick from the plethora of dailies out there and find the ones that interest you story-wise or the ones that are quickest to do.  Whatever suits your personal play-style.

People who have gotten exalted with all the factions in Mists probably have 1000 lesser charms stockpiled in their bags right now.  So that should last them a good long while.  The person who is only doing dailies to get their extra 3 rolls a week is probably still working on their reputations.


Should there be more ways to get Lesser Charms?

Lore- I think there should be.  Granted I’m satisfied with the dailies.  However, I think it’d be a great idea to attach them to something else outside of raids like scenarios or instances.  If Blizzard does this, then you run into the issue of the people who did all the dailies complaining about the easy way.  There are other rewards to doing the dailies other than the charms.  There is Valor, rep and gold.  This boils down to personal play-style.


Challenge for Dogs of War: Do you think there should be more ways to get Lesser Charms?  I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

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