Mar 21

How the Dogs of War Vault system works

With patch 4.0 Blizzard added a guild perk called Cash Flow. What this does is create a percentage of what you loot from a mob and adds it to the guild bank. At guild rank 5 this is 5% and at guild rank 15 it’s 10%. It adds money to the guild coffers to use for whatever. In our guild we will pay a certain amount of your repairs. How much we pay is based on your rank. The way we have it set up, the more active ranks (dobermans and greyhounds) have a higher repair allowance than our less active ranks. With a small membership of casual players this contribution is not enough to pay for the repair allowances we currently have. This is where the Vault comes in.

Some guilds can set up a mandatory donation of a certain amount of your income, whether that be through an add-on or as a requirement for rank. Most guilds expect you to pay for your own repairs and you have very limited or no access to the vault. Instead of either of those methods we have developed a system that works very well for us and allows us to offer higher guild repair allowances than most guilds.

As you play you pick up stuff that you can’t use. Everyone does. What we ask is that you put that in the guild vault. This doesn’t have to be high end stuff either. Green level gear, crafted items, or low level mats are ideal.
Grey items will be sold to a vendor. Non-grey items will be put on the auction house or disenchanted. The system allows us to pay for repairs and then some. This is why we now offer to pay for leveling mounts and training.

If you can use any items for the toon that is in the guild please use them! However this is a guild earned thing and what is put in the vault is for the use of our members only. If we see you pulling level 80+ items with a level 30 toon and you don’t have a level 80+ toon in the guild, expect a message from Val or Nost.

We have descriptions of what belongs in each tab to keep things somewhat organized. Please try to follow those guidelines. Remember, if at any time you need something out of a tab that you have no access to, ask an officer to get it for you. If we are not on, send us a note in the mail, or email Valeda or Nostrawarus. If you feel you need more access to a tab we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Tabs 1,2 – Mats Only

Tabs 3,4 – Gear, Crafted items, Gems and Enchants

Tab 5 – MOP mats

Tab 6 – Feasts, flasks, and elixirs

Tab 7 – Epic items, hard to find, or very expensive mats. Ask Kyuni or Nostrawarus to get these for you

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