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Mar 21

How the Dogs of War Vault system works

With patch 4.0 Blizzard added a guild perk called Cash Flow. What this does is create a percentage of what you loot from a mob and adds it to the guild bank. At guild rank 5 this is 5% and at guild rank 15 it’s 10%. It adds money to the guild coffers to use …

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Nov 04

Dire Maul Chapter 3

The night’s ritual had been more of a success than Lethtendris had expected. Her orbs worked perfectly and today Master Earthfury would see just how well. He had been disappointed that his prize elf had not recovered and so, reluctantly agreed to let her have him. The goblin announcer’s voice rang clear through the morning …

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Oct 20

Carcaridondk’s Story. Chapter 1

The story of Carcaridondk: Born in Ironforge and trained by the greatest weapon masters the world has ever known in the art of combat.  Training filled his days while his nights were filled with learning the noble art of the Master Armor smith. Magni Brozebeard took a liking to this new Armor smith and the …

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Oct 16

Dire Maul Chapter 2

Lethtendris sat watching as the contest continued below. The crowd cheered as prompted by the goblin announcer. He weaved a story for each champion conjuring images of exotic lands and embellishing stories of their origins. She could laugh at the irony. They were all simply slaves captured when towns were ransacked. Some were true fighters. …

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Sep 30

Dire Maul Chapter 1

Joella walked out of Cregs office into the common room. She had just been given an assignment to take a team into the Ogre held city of Dire Maul consisting of a priest, who was arguably crazy, his teenaged son who was still in training as a mage, and a druid who was new to …

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