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Mar 21

How the Dogs of War Vault system works

With patch 4.0 Blizzard added a guild perk called Cash Flow. What this does is create a percentage of what you loot from a mob and adds it to the guild bank. At guild rank 5 this is 5% and at guild rank 15 it’s 10%. It adds money to the guild coffers to use …

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Jul 09

Clatat’s game

Warning: this has NOTHING to do with WoW. Proceed at your own risk. I made this game in a camp called ID Tech Camps. I learned alot about Multimedia Fusion Developer 2. It doesn’t have that great of a story, but it’s my first time lol. Two notes for the first and last level: the First level …

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Jun 21

What’s your story?

So I asked in guild chat for stories behind your toons. If you have looked at some of the facebook posts there are stories about where we got out toon names and how we ended up in the Dogs of War. Anetheron is not a role-playing server. If we wanted to role play we wouldn’t …

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Jun 14

Raid? What’s that?

If you have played this game longer than a month you know what a raid is. That’s not what this post is… It’s the quick and dirty guide to what raids are where and the requirements to get into them. So when we say we are raiding Sunwell Plateau, you know where to go and …

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May 04

Throne of the Four Winds

Myth found this first video. It’s a good one that discusses some of the abilities and what will cause raid wipes. Take a look so we have a clue going into it for our guild run. The yogscast video has a specific strategy nailed down that the first video didn’t. After you watch the first …

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